Wardrobe Series with Hannah Barrett

This week we chatted to the NZ girl we all adore, Hannah Barrett. She shows us what she’s been living in while pregnant, reveals her ultimate style crush & shares her latest wardrobe purchase.

Can you describe your style?
Comfortable, neutral but love a pop of colour!

What is the newest addition to your wardrobe?
I just bought this beautiful Mahsa blouse available here.

What is your favourite piece right now?
I am currently 22 weeks pregnant so my wardrobe is getting more and more limited as the weeks go by! I have recently been loving long knit dresses that have a bit of stretch in them. Super comfy and easy to pair with a trench, a chunky knit or denim jacket.

What is your most worn item and why?
I wish it was a bit more “fashion” but if I am answering truthfully, probably this Bassike long sleeve I have.

What garment has been your go-to while living in lockdown?
Lululemon align tights. Whenever I would have a zoom call during lockdown I would be dressed formally on top and had tights and slippers on down bottom haha!

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?
Instagram. I love seeing how people pair different pieces and create looks.

Who is your style crush?
Rozalia Russian. Obsessed with her!

What would you buy first if money was no object?
Paris Georgia Harry Shirt in Toffee. So chic.

Can you share one of your top styling tips with our community?
Wear things that make YOU feel good. 

Find more from Hannah via her Instagram @hannahlaity

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