Wardrobe Series with Siposetu Duncan

We took an exclusive look inside the wardrobe of model & content creator @siposetuduncan. Read on to learn how she curates her unique urban, streetwear look with pops of pattern & colour + see what she’s selling on our Marketplace.

Can you describe your style?
I love an urban streetwear tomboy look — A little bit of colour, print, layering, sneakers. If I’m not in streetwear, you will definitely see me in either a colourful sweater or accessory. I also love a monochromatic/ minimal look. Wearing pretty dresses and floral prints is my kinda style as well. 

What is the newest addition to your wardrobe?
The Walker waist bag from Saben. I’m currently obsessed with this cute bag. I’m not very good at looking after my whites so I always ensure my hands are extra clean before using it, even when I’m out.

What is your most worn item and why?
My denim jeans from Assembly Label. These are a lifesaver. You can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans. I casually wear them with any white top, a comfortable pair white of sneakers and any blazer/jacket in winter. 

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?
Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest. What I love about this app is that you search for one look and end up leaving with 10 different styles. My camera roll is full of screenshots and pictures from Pinterest. It almost looks like Pinterest 2.0. 

Who is your style crush?
Where do I even start… For streetwear inspiration, you’ll find me scrolling through @wuzg00d ‘s profile over on Instagram. This lady isn’t worried about standing out or being different and I dig that. Another person who’s style I’m crushing on is the sophisticated @trevor_stuurman. I love how he plays with African prints and how he has mixed his culture with fashion. There are a lot of incredible people in this world. 

What would you buy first if money was no object?
A couple of things but my first choice would be a pair of Jordans. I love sneakers and I’ve been eyeing out the Air Jordan sneakers for a while now. Sneakers over heels any day.

Can you share one of your top styling tips with our community?
1. If you want to look stylish, try wearing all black (head to toe). Make sure there aren’t any creases and your shoes are clean. To elevate this all-black look, a simple gold or silver piece(s) of jewellery will do the trick.
2. Using your favourite silk or satin scarf as a top is another cool and trendy way to wear a scarf. 

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