Wardrobe Series with May Fox

We chatted to fashion enthusiast and model @mayfox__ about switching up her aesthetic and curating her wardrobe staples. See what’s on her wish list and find her amazing listings here on our Marketplace.

Can you describe your style? 
I am endlessly learning and creating different ways to express myself, it all depends on the vibe I wanna go for that day! I love being able to change between different aesthetics. At the moment I have been playing around with neutral shades in comfort wear like; oversized blazers, and coats and making them look cute and effortless. I’ve been super busy recently so having easy staples in my wardrobe is something I have been curating for a few months now! 

What is the newest addition to your wardrobe?
Winter is here and my collection of baggy hoodies/ sweats is expanding. I recently purchased an oversized jumper from a brand called South.St The Label which is based in my dream city, Melbourne. They’ve nailed the stylish and comfy vibe that I’m totally into right now. Plus the inside is super fluffy, anything that is soft and cozy is the way to my heart!

What is your favourite piece right now?
My tan pants from Style Addict. Period. I am so obsessed with these pants, they look good with everything and anything! I love being able to style them up or down. I think its important to always have versatile pieces in your collection. 

What is your most worn item and why?
My platform Doc Martens are my babies! I always feel like a total baddie in my stompers. Even when I was a toddler I was running around in wee platform shoes. I love mixing a feminine look with some chunky boots, it spices the lookup completely! 

What garment has been your go-to while living in lockdown?
I was living in baggy hoodies and bum pants for most of the COVID-19 lockdown. Comfort is key ladies! But every Friday I would join in with Mary for “Fab Friday” for a cheeky glass of wine and a bit of glam! My favourite fab Friday fit was my glamorous billowy sleeved number I ordered from Jagger & Stone.  I chose this dress especially for my birthday celebration and had a fabulous time with my lockdown bubble!

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?
Instagram is where most of my inspiration comes from, I can scroll for hours and collect a bunch of images which go straight into my archives/saved folder! I’m also getting back into Pinterest again and loving it. Making mood boards keeps me inspired. 

Who is your style crush?
I have so many crushes! But these are my top 5 Queens! I adore how they express their style! They are bold and unapologetically their true self. It’s amazing to see such badass women out there doing what they love!

What would you buy first if money was no object?
Something vintage for sure! I’ve fallen in love with the Chanel Nude Shoulder Bag from their sports series (1997-1999). There is just something so aesthetically pleasing about this bag. And because ya girl can never have too many chunky boots, I’m head over heels for the Bottega Veneta Chelsea Boots.

Can you share one of your top styling tips with our community?
Don’t be afraid to try something new ladies + gents! Play around with textures, colours and layering pieces! It’s all trial and error babies! If you adore something, try it! If it makes you feel your absolute best, wear it!  

That’s the fun thing about styling, you can create whatever you desire!

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