Wardrobe Series with Kendra Alexandra Jeffery

We took an exclusive look an exclusive look inside the wardrobe of Kendra from the amazing Stolen Inspiration Blog. Read on for tips on wearing clothes your own way, tales of dreamy vintage finds and follow her wardrobe clear-out journey on Marketplace.

Can you describe your style?

It really depends on the day, but I love mixing cheaper pieces with expensive pieces. I also love trying out new trends. Lately, I have been keeping it pretty minimal with mostly black, white and beige tones and I lean towards masculine blazers and trousers on the daily.

What is the newest addition to your wardrobe?

I just bought the Paris Georgia Charlotte top in Marigold which I’m currently waiting to get in the post (it’s held up because of iso). I love the bright colour so much, I thought it would be great for dinners out during winter.

What is your favourite piece right now?

I just got this With Jean Vivian dress in the mail right before I caught my flight home for iso – I can’t wait to wear it out properly. I wore it around the house in Wanaka the other day just to make life feel a bit more normal, haha.

What is your most worn item and why?

Probably my beige Bec & Bridge linen pants, they’re so comfy and versatile. I love that they’re slightly too long so you can wear them with heels to dinner too, or sneakers during the day. Just an all-round staple piece and probably my most asked about one too.

What garment has been your go-to while living in lockdown?

I was sent this jersey set which came with a balloon sleeved top and matching shorts right before we all went into iso and it’s the comfiest WFH outfit ever. It’s basically like wearing PJs but doesn’t come with the added guilt of not getting dressed properly for the day. That set or exercise gear, naturally.

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

Definitely Instagram or Pinterest and I still love trawling Tumblr. I still love parking up at cafes and people watching for fashion too.

Who is your style crush?

I have so many! I love Bella Hadid, Em Rata and Hailey Baldwin. From Instagram, my go-to’s are @josefinehj @matildadjerf @discodaydream @mvb

What would you buy first if money was no object?

At the moment I’m obsessed with these Chanel Birkenstock looking sandals that have sold out everywhere. I don’t know why, they just look so comfy and ugly in the best way. Other than that the Bottega Veneta chain pouch bag or ANYTHING Jacquemus.

Can you share one of your top styling tips with our community?

Don’t just wear your clothes the way they were created for. I love to style scarves and skirts as tops, shirts as skirts and oversized blazers as dresses. All you need is to add some jewellery, or a belt and you have a whole new outfit made from old favourites.

Do you have a pre-loved purchase you can’t live without? Where did you find it?

I bought this amazing vintage belt in New York at Beacon’s Closet in Manhattan that’s croc leather with gold chain detailing that has travelled with me ever since. I think it’s going to be one of those pieces that can be styled seamlessly no matter what decade we’re in.

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