Wardrobe Series with Holly Wright

We caught up with beauty Holly Wright this week and took an exclusive look inside her beautiful wardrobe. The New Zealand mum of two chats about her evolving style and the best way to combine together high street fashion with luxury pieces.  Read on for the full interview plus to view her Designer Wardrobe Marketplace wishlist!

Can you describe your style?
Since becoming a Mum of two my style has definitely started to evolve! I tend to lean on more comfortable and effortless pieces now, nothing too fussy or restrictive. I’m also nearing towards mid-thirties (34 next month!) So, have naturally started adopting a more pared-back look, lots of elevated basics as they work amazing for any age. More recently I’ve added a few extra tailored pieces to my wardrobe too as my new role at Organic Genetics requires me to dress more professionally. All in all, I would describe my style as polished and chic!

What is the newest addition to your wardrobe?
Chanel Sneakers, I’m obsessed! They are so comfy and make all my WFH tracksuits look 100x cooler. I think this year because of Covid and working from home so much, it’s become all about those elevated basics. I also don’t mind investing in those pieces as I know I’ll wear them so much. 

Do you have a favourite pre-loved purchase? 
Yes absolutely! It’s actually a Zimmermann dress I picked up from Designer Wardrobe Marketplace a couple of months ago. I missed out on the dress when Zimmermann launched it as it sold out so quickly! I’ve always thought about the one that got away haha, so often checked DW incase in might pop up! And just my luck I did! I quickly hit the buy now button and I was soooo happy with my purchase! I ended up paying around 50% off for it and it was brand new. Such a happy find! 

Who is your style crush?
Rosie Huntington Whiteley – always! So effortless and chic. Love all the looks she puts together. I also love that she wears a lot of NZ designers too!

Who is your favourite designer or do you have a favorite label?
Chanel will always be my favourite, they make the most special forever pieces. Isabel Marant has also been a huge favourite of mine for years, love the cool, effortless feel of her clothing. Locally I love Paris Georgia and Georgia Alice for beautiful quality, minimal pieces, and Marle for beautifully made, timeless classics.

Can you share one of your top styling tips with our community?
Yes, for sure, I think my biggest tip would be that whether you’re shopping luxury, vintage, or high street, always invest in timeless, neutral pieces that you can wear over and over again. I know Zara and Glassons are considered fast fashion stores, but they also have some really great pieces that can last the distance if you know how to shop smart. I’ve picked up some of my favourite blazers from Zara which I’ve kept for a few years already and also Glassons do some really great tailored trousers which I’ve gotten so much wear out of from season to season. I’m a firm believer that a combination of old and new, high street and luxury is definitely what makes a great personal style!
Another great tip would be to try and adopt a less is more approach. Aim to own and purchase fewer items, just the pieces that make you feel good and that you really love! 

Having a more minimal wardrobe helps so much when you’re getting ready each morning, as you can clearly see all your pieces and can start visualising outfits as you glance at them. Also, keeping only the pieces you really love means you’re more likely to actually look after those pieces, launder them correctly and mend them when their broken rather than discard. I recommend doing a mini wardrobe clean every couple of months to keep your wardrobe streamlined and organised and also a bigger clear out every season. This seasonal cleanout would involve mending and dry-cleaning items that need some love, listing anything you would like to sell, and gifting any other pieces you may have to charity. Adopting methods like these are such a great way to make a contribution to a more circular fashion economy, reduce, repair, and re-share! 

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