Wardrobe Series with Cassidy Morris

Can you describe your style?
Casual, edgy, slightly masculine. 

What is the newest addition to your wardrobe?
I just purchased the Christopher Esber Orbit top – obsessed.

What is your favourite piece right now?
My Prada boots I am still so in love with them.

What is your most worn item and why?
I would say my Georgia Alice Jeans – they fit me perfectly and are just the best shade of denim.

Where do you go for fashion inspiration?
Instagram is definitely where I shop, I am a huge online shopper and that’s also where I get all my style inspiration.

Who is your style crush?
Rosie HW is just everything when it comes to fashion and beauty.

What would you buy first if money was no object?
Definitely property – but if it was a piece of clothing – Bottega Veneta Quilted Mid-Calf Boots, I have an obsession with boots.

Can you share one of your top styling tips with our community?
Don’t try too hard with perfecting your style, just do what feels right. Also your style is for yourself not for anyone else, so if you love it then wear it.

Do you have a pre-loved purchase you can’t live without? Where did you find it?
I bought my Bottega heels from Vestiaire (they were brand new) but still I just love them to bits!

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