If you hadn’t already seen it posted all over Instagram, Models and thousands of festival goers took on the adventure of “Burning Man” Seven days of free spirit – And when I say free, I do mean free! 

History behind this insane festival? Well, Founded in 1986, Burning Man was actually created for free thinkers, A festival that it didn’t matter who was playing or going, it was all about the atmosphere and feeling you felt whilst there. Burning Man moved from San Francisco to its current location in the Nevada Desert. The Festival vastly starting growing, getting te likes of a majority of celebrities such as the beautiful Victoria Secret Models, Mark Zuckerberg and plenty more. 

Dress code you ask? Well let me blunt – there isn’t ,much to it. Minimal is key at this this festival. Here are some essentials:

  • Glitter
  • Feathers
  • Neon
  • Headdreses
  • Goggles.

So when I said free spirited earlier? Thats right I meant it, So don’t bother bring your wallets as a couple of simple rules – You swap and barter everything! I would recommend bring a few extra essentials to swap out for food etc. As a lot of the well known musicians all attend burning man as guest & not performers that leaves incredible up and coming artist to feature and show you what they are made of! – Who known you might be listening to the next Paramore? or the next Katy Perry?

Here are some of our favourite looks from Burning Man 2017.