Trade Your Treasures

They say “One girls throw-outs is another girls Treasure.” We want to help you make room in your wardrobe for new treasures & help girls find those one off designer pieces that you might have missed. 

It is no secret that Minimalism is in right now, With documentaries all over Netflix and celebrities beginning to preach about it, It is a enticing subject that is catching all of our attention.

We love “Things” Whether its clothing or objects Everything holds a story, whether it was that dress you wore to your favourite music concert or that bag you bought after your first break up, Every piece has some sort of story, which makes it  harder to ever detach yourself from. This is where clutter comes in, For example, have a think of everything you have in your wardrobe, Now think what have you worn in the last month? No more than 10 pieces? (& thats stretching it) Now think how many pieces you actually have sitting in your wardrobe, See my point?


Lets take a minute and appreciate Sex And The City when Carrie Bradshaw cleared out her incredible designer wardrobe only to make room for more memories! – That is the message we want to get across to you!


I’m not afraid of heights, have you seen my shoes – Carrie Bradshaw

Grab a bunch of your closest friends and have a clear out – Sell on those Designer Garments that just sit there and make room for some new items, new memories.


Ladies, You can list an item Here or Sell an Item Here

We are here for the ride – Helping you every step of the way,

With love,

Designer Wardrobe xxx

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