The No.1 Skin Care For Spring Is Here

Haven’t heard about Osmosis? I suggest you have a read. – Some call it a revolution, How have we not used this before? Well it has reached NZ & in popular demand. 

Osmosis is a complete holistic-medical skin and wellness solution. We provide the tools needed to create the ideal environment to encourage permanent change. Our unique philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at their source.

With Spring arriving, We are indulging our skin back to long days with scorching sunshine, is your skin prepared for that? your mind defiantly might be. With Spring vastly approaching, its time to reconsider your skin care resigm, Is this something you ever took in consideration before? well ladies Its time to! With winter skin to shred, Lets start now. You deserve to have that hydrated glowing skin this season, Osmosis is here to help you achieve that.


First things first, What is that one skin product we avoid to apply when we are younger? because we know better right? “I can tan without it” Something we have all said, ladies? – Well lets forget about the tan for five minutes, Its more about the wellness of your skin, for example, Ageing? the sun is a large cause of visible ageing in your skin, I know its not fair, why can something we all love cause so much damage. So lets help prevent it! With Osmosis Protect, This is a everyday wear moisturising lotion with SPF 30 protection. Okay so lets talk whats in it?, Or even whats not in this amazing prosuct, Well it’s quite simple, “It is the best natural broad spectrum sun protection and it is a super ingredient that aids in wound healing. When choosing sun protection, the two things to look out for are non-chemical and Zinc Oxide based sunblock.”

Now, of course, don’t let me forget to add, What if we are going from the beach to lunch? Well, Osmosis prepare you for that, whilst still looking after your skincare needs. Makeup? Skin Care? could you ever put the two together? YES! It is a thing!! – Can you we just take a moment to appreciate the meaning of “Mineral Makeup” Mineral makeup whilst it does everything you want it to, still treats the skin keeping away all of those nasties and also keeps all of those amazing treatments you might receive from your favourite beauty clinics working.

“One of our all-time faves all year round, but especially in summer is our Pressed Base. Along with the rest of the Colour Collection Osmosis provide it is richly formulated with amino acids, proteins and a complete spectrum of antioxidants and zinc oxide to help nourish and soothe while providing complete UV protection.  Although the pressed base looks like a powder, it’s really just fine mineral rocks that have been triple milled (this gives you the no flash-back white faces in your photos where flash is involved). And what’s best is it’s SPF30+ offering you broad spectrum UV protection from UVA and UVB rays!”

So we are letting you know on all the secrets of what to apply, Now the best exfoliant? So happy you asked! – There are some things on the skin we don’t want to scrub off ladies, That is Healthy living cells on top of your skin, These cells are kept as a natural barrier form UVA & UVB and of course the environment that surrounds us. Okay so lets get to the point , Enzyme exfoliators help to remove only those redundant dead skin cells that serve no purpose. The Osmosis Polish enzyme mask is here to help! – This spring essential will save keep your fresh, radiant and rejuvenated skin. I know, sounds to good to be true. It is truly this easy! Also don’t be mistaken, the smell of Cranberry extracts in this product, may be delicious but no you can’t eat it!

Here is the last secret I am going to let you in on, Feed your skin? is it possible? It sure is! We have all heard about how our bodies need Vitamin B & C? Well did you consider Vitamin A? This is an essential vitamin for skin care. Now this is what we like to say how you feed your skin, Vitman A provides your skin with a majority of its nutrients but at the same time keeps the largest organ of your body happy, healthy and youthful. I recommend reading up on Vitamin A as there are so many benefits for your skin! What makes the Osmosis Vitamin A special? Well quoted from the professionals:

The stabilized form of Vitamin A they use – Liposomal Retinaldehyde. Osmosis uses the only research proven Vitamin A that stimulates collagen and elastin production and does not thin the skin or compromise the health of the skin! Osmosis Vitamin A products are not sun-sensitizing and are non-toxic meaning (yes, you can use them throughout pregnancy).

So the secret is out!- We are sharing what we use for our skin, We are true to ourselves at DW and never promoted anything in beauty until now. We are so excited for you all try give this ago & feel as replenished as we do!

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