NZFW17 Best Looks 2017

New Zealand may be known as small, but this week it’s home to some of our trendiest fashion bloggers/models/Designers, all in town for the annual NZ Fashion Week. Here a a few of our favourite looks


Aki, wears Asos, Chanel, Fendi. 


Why we love this: Aki was not afraid to hit NZFW with a burst of colour this year! – We can’t help but love her matching sunglasses & bag!


Brooke Testoni wears, Wynn Hamlyn, Zimmerman, Rylan.


Why we love this: Corporate chic is now officially a thing! For winter/spring, even the most banal of office fashion is now subject to a runway takeover.


Julia Matthews, wears Maggie Marilyn, Ruby, La Tribe.


Why we love this: Julia Matthews can do no wrong!  We love this look, Julia has taken this chic denim n denim look to a whole new level.  Adding a burst of colour with her pink La Tribe heels, we love!


Anna Reeve, wears Stolen Girlfriends Club, Salasai, YSL, Good American, Vans, Gucci.


Why we love this: The mum of two beautiful twins rocked Denim & leather, whilst attending fashion Shows on Day 3 of NZFW, Definition of “Casual yet Chic.”


Abby Plested, wears Zara.


Why we love this: Abby turned heads at NZFW with her sick tuxedo while trending her dark lip to match.

— DW

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