Marc Moore – Fashion Issue

Marc Moore gives us an insight on the craziness of NZFW 2017

How many NZFW’s have you been involved with?

Our First Show was September 2007, so I guess it has been 11 shows in a row – No breaks! Stolen Girlfriends Club are going for a FashionWeek record!

What makes you come back to NZFW year after year?

Our Sponsorship is the main reason. We can’t curate this without them.

We love to entertain with what we do, we see fashion week as this amazing opportunity to bring everyone into our world just for the night. Sure it’s about the clothes – but most of all it is about the brand and the experience. We love our community and these shows are the one big event of the year where we get to hang with everyone in one room for a couple of hours. It’s almost like a crazy family reunion.

Why is it that you chose to do your SGC show’s offsite?

Total brand immersion. We are creating a world where everything is curated to reflect what we love and what we are into. We can’t do this on-site in a space shared by so many other designers. Showing off-site allows us to take all our sponsors along with us as we get to avoid any main venue sponsor conflicts. 

What do you look for when choosing your runway models?

We want diversity. It’s the reality of our community. We are all different and we don’t all love the same thing. – But that one thing we all share is the want/need to express who we are through what we wear. – Sure we want some glamour but we want that grit too. It needs to be a balance and this is reflected through the casting at our shows.

How long does it take you and your team to prepare for NZFW?

On the clothing and products side, it’s around 3 months to get garments made in time – Especially shoes! But then the actual venue production and innovations are all about 4-6 weeks out. We like to stress out and get everything organized in advanced of the show – so during Fashion Week everything just clicks into place and we don’t have to freak out too much. 

What vibe were you going with for this collection?

Modern, Vintage, Future, Classic.

What was your favourite piece from your runway collection?

Loved the silver metal chainmail dress that opened. 90’s grunge chic mixed with future femme-bot. Love it!

Last but not least – What made you cut off your signature locks?

I have been going through this phase where I am craving simplicity. I guess life can be crazy enough with having a company. The long hair; Sleeping was hard, showering was hard and also surfing was hard. As soon as I shaved it off I thought “why didn’t I do this 6 years ago”!