DW Valet – Why?… It Just Works!

If you haven’t heard of us, well here is your chance to! We had chat with one of our very own Valet lovers to give you an insight to why you might love us to!

What is it about selling your items on DW Valet that you love?

It’s hassle free and easy – in a nutshell, you put your items in a bag and don’t have to worry about the hassle of taking photos, listing, answering endless questions, and organising payment, shipping etc.  Time is so valuable to me and any process that gives me more time is a god send – thanks Designer Wardrobe.


How easy have you found the process to list items?

Very easy.  As simple as typing a list of my items and requesting a shipping kit, receiving the kit, putting my clothes in, and then sending it back to Designer Wardrobe.  It can’t get any easier than that! 


We would love your feedback on your latest Valet sale, What was it? & How did you find the process? 

I typically gather up a whole bunch of my things (a regular clean out) and send them in.  I don’t closely track how they go, but do like getting emails saying something has sold.  Designer Wardrobe takes away the extra hassle of something else for me to do, so it is always a positive when I hear from them as I know one less job is done. It wasn’t me going through the pain staking process of selling each item but rather that I got a completely different list of things done while Designer Wardrobe took care of selling my clothes and accessories for me.


If you could make any changes to how DW Valet works, what would that be?

The ability to donate, either; 

  • brands that Designer Wardrobe doesn’t accept to a selected or given charity, or
  • part or all of the proceeds to a selected or given charity
  • Menswear on Designer Wardrobe

What items/garments do you know sell well on DW Valet?

If it is a good brand (ie. aspirational and on trend) and in good quality – it will sell.


Does selling on Valet allow you space in your wardrobe (or mental space) to allow you to buy some new items you love?!
Designer Wardrobe is a great way for me to create space in my wardrobe and mental space to ease my conscience with new purchases.  I’m not necessarily aiming to make big money (although getting some is always great!) but rather clear out my clothes that I don’t wear (either through a bad purchase decision, lack of wear, or just simply don’t like anymore).  It is a bonus to receive some money for them, and even better that I have now discovered that Designer Wardrobe has some brand new items on Valet or through their Stores that are at fabulous prices so I can use my money made from selling on Valet to buy new stuff on Designer Wardrobe too!!

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