Chats with Caitlin Crisp

Caitlin Crisp is a New Zealand based designer who makes wonderfully elegant and ethereal pieces locally in small, exclusive runs.

We chatted to her about AW20 inspiration, the design process and what’s happening behind the scenes her home office during lockdown.

Can you tell us a bit about Caitlin Crisp and the journey you have taken to get where you are today?

We’re still young, still growing and changing all the time. It all sparked from a passion for design, sewing and patternmaking. After years of playing around with custom made pieces for friends and family I have started producing collections of ready to wear clothing that is easy to wear, everyday pieces. We have grown slowly and organically by expanding where and when the demand increases. I’m so passionate about what I do and it has put me in some incredible positions and I have met some amazing people along the way. It’s so important to have good relationships and make the most of every opportunity.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

I don’t work with a lot of dark colours and find that most of what’s available for autumn/winter is dark or black. This is my first A/W collection so I wanted to create my ultimate wardrobe of light, easy to wear pieces that can all be styled in different ways and work in with what we all already have in our wardrobes. As always, I wanted the collection to be pieces that women will throw on and feel great in without thinking twice about it.

Tell us, a bit about the design process – do you pick out the fabrics first or after tour design is created?

The design process for me is messy and it’s constant. Inspiration comes from the most random places at the most random times so I have scrap bits of paper and post-it notes everywhere with wee sketches all over them. I’ll then go and visit local fabric suppliers to see what fabrics are available and go from there!

Which items are the must-have wardrobe essentials?

An easy dress that can be dressed up or down and is work-appropriate.. our glasshouse dress is a perfect one for this! In either blue or white.

A cosy knit that can be worn over anything… we have a chunky NZ made merino knit coming in drop two and I have been absolutely LIVING in it.

A coat that you can fit all your fabulous puff-sleeve shirts under!.. look out for our ‘in the loop coat’ coming in May!

Our top seller since launching is our Rollo Dress which is the perfect layering piece or on its own at home.. the perfect isolation dress!

Can you share a tip for piecing together a great wardrobe?

No matter if it’s a low or high priced item, only buy it if you LOVE it. Get rid of everything in your wardrobe that you don’t wear so you can see clearly all the things you love and feel great in.

What do you think are essential must-haves in a wardrobe?

I think it’s a hard one to tell someone to invest in certain pieces as everyone is so different in their tastes and needs… but if someone only purchases what they absolutely love and feel great in then they’ll have their dream wardrobe, tailored perfectly to them.. my personal go-to pieces are easy everyday dresses, a great pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt, flattering singlet and well-tailored blazers.

What will your team be doing while in lockdown and how can our members support Caitlin Crisp?

Sarah has already started sewing again which is great! She has been wanting to sew up a pair of pants for ages and has done it- they look amazing. I am working on a new wee CC side-project which may appeal to some DW girls so keep an eye out on our Instagram! All going well I may launch it in a week or so. We have been busy with the launch of our new collection, let us know what you think! We have a code set up ‘WASHYOURHANDS’ to use for a discount on any orders made in the isolation period. x

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