By Donielle

We’re excited for this new feature with our incredible founder Donielle Brooke.

Donielle looks after our buying & marketing. Every few months we’ll be checking in and seeing what’s inspiring her plus showcasing some of her current favourites on Designer Wardrobe.

DW Rental

I love grabbing a rental for a last-minute event. Even if it’s just a skirt paired with a white t-shirt or a cute top with my favourite pair of jeans, all of the rental options make my own wardrobe feel so much bigger

DW Marketplace

Even before creating DW I loved buying secondhand and selling seasonally so that my wardrobe wasn’t overflowing. I love that I can put the money from my sales towards good quality designer clothing, and I’m so proud that DW has made it so much easier for women to shop in a sustainable & affordable way.

A month after turning 25 years old I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, although Canteen looks after people fighting cancer between 13-24 years old – I still felt like a teenager and can’t stress how important this support network is for teenagers what it’s like to feel young, scared and helpless with cancer. Canteen does amazing work and I do hope the sales of these bandannas can support them.

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