An Interview with India Heath

India wears the Super Eight Lantern Mini by Zimmermann

We caught up with India Heath to chat about how her Instagram preset side hustle turned into a full time gig, fashion and what’s in the pipeline.

Tell us a little bit about what you do and explain what your week looks like?

Hi, sure! I make presets (aka image filters) for businesses/influencers and sell my own pre-made preset packs through my website: I also create digital content for brands I feel I align with, which I absolutely love doing. I’m a group fitness trainer at Les Mills and, more recently, Fitness All Together (FAT). Oh and I’ve just started blogging through my website, too! My fingers are in a lot of pies… Haha.

Every week for me is different but is likely to include: fulfilling bespoke preset orders, exercising/training most days, creating digital content for any campaigns I’m working on, attending PR events I’ve been lucky enough to get invited to and maintaining my website. I currently have a couple of other projects in the pipeline so my days are pretty busy at the mo, but that’s how I like things to be 😉

India wears the Night Out Top by Orseund Iris

How did you fall into doing this full time? 

To be honest it is all thanks to some of the absolutely wonderful and kind humans who follow me on Instagram! While I was away on holiday for a month earlier this year, I received almost 100 dm’s (I actually counted because I genuinely couldn’t believe it…), asking me questions about how I edit my images, would I please sell my filters etc. When I got home I made it my mission to perfect the presets I had already made, create more, and find a simple way to share them with anyone interested. Once I had done so, I popped up a bit of shameless self-promo (lol) on my Insta story saying “feel free to flick me an email if you’re interested”, and from there it literally happened overnight!

How did you juggle working full time while taking the right steps to start your side hustle?

With great difficulty and hardly any sleep. It was tough and I think that’s because, as I mentioned, it happened so fast. Honestly, this was not planned at all! I was working at Naveya & Sloane at the time as a Jewellery Design Consultant and I loved my job. I was having to wake up at 5am to fulfil preset orders, work at N&S from 8-5 as usual, then I’d stay up until 2 or 3am fulfilling orders again. I remember back in May going into my lovely manager’s office and bursting into tears simply because I was that exhausted and no longer had time for friends/the gym/a life! It was when I started getting requests for bespoke presets that I realised I could really make something of this, so I took the leap. I was very lucky to work alongside people who respect and celebrate creativity – everyone was super understanding.

Who is your favourite designer?

Bassike, Anine Bing, Camilla & Marc (it’s way too hard to choose just one hehe sorry).

What are you loving from DW at the moment?

I’m loving Orseund Iris! A friend of mine wore the ‘tube top’ of yours the other night and it looked gorgeous on her.

Explore India’s Designer Wardrobe dream edit with statement florals and monochrome moments.

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