A Day in the Life of Prerna.

Can you tell us about what do you do?
I look after, manage and maintain everything technology at Designer Wardrobe. Both, user-facing, and enterprise systems and tools.

What was your path to getting there?
I have been working in the tech industry for 12 years. I finished school in India and moved to Auckland in 2006 to pursue my undergraduate studies in Information Technology. I started working as a Web Developer right after for a web agency called Gravitate. I then moved on to working for GrabOne and Neighbourly before I started working for Designer Wardrobe in 2018. Problem-solving through innovation has always been my passion and I am glad that I do that full-time.

What does a day in the life of your role look like?
I do a variety of things in my role. I manage and mentor a team of 5 with off-shore and in-house developers and DevOps engineers. My role involves scoping projects, designing and architecting solutions, performing resource and task management, project management, training developers and internal stakeholders. I am also on tools which means I work on programming and developing features.

What type of vibe do you like to work in and how do you bring this into work?
I like surrounding myself with as much positivity as I can, and I believe in reciprocating that back to my surroundings and peers. And that’s my vibe.

What keeps you inspired and motivated at DW?
Helping teams overcome roadblocks, improving the platform, engineering and architecting new features, implementing smart use of technology and development – To name a few!

What are the routines/rituals that you do in your workspace every day?
I start my day with a to-do list and list everything that I have to start/finish on the day. Priorities change every day which means every day is different from the other and planning my day is the most important daily ritual.

What’s something you would change about it?
Absolutely nothing. Although I love working from the office, the lockdown has helped me master a set of new skills of WFH and managing a team remotely. So that’s a goody!

What does your work environment have to have/do/be?
Music and a fresh brew!

How are you spending your extra time in the lockdown?
I am spending it with my family. Experimenting new recipes with and on them :), training together, sharing workout tips, expanding my music library for my future gigs and events. Just really motivating, growing, entertaining each other at home.

Have you set any big goals for yourself?
I am focusing on my health and well-being, something I have always done on and off but never as a routine.

How are you staying positive?
– By accepting and understanding the situation and doing the needful.
– By staying passionate about life as I was pre-lockdown.
– By not letting it affect my drive and motivation.

How are you staying inspired & active?
By utilizing extra time doing things I always wanted to do pre-lockdown days, like being with the family more, focusing on music more, cooking more, sticking to workout routines, etc.

Do you have a routine?
Yes, I do, and it changes constantly. Lockdown has helped me stick to it more than ever. 🙂

What is a tip for our members or something you would like to share?
I recently watched these limited series on Netflix called Self Made, based on the life of Madam C.J. Walker. I am extremely inspired and motivated by her journey. It’s a must-watch for all the dreamers and go-getters.

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