A Day in the Life of Beka

In part one of our Day in the Life series we talk to Beka – our Photographer and Logistics Assistant about making things happen and staying positive during lockdown.

What do you do at DW?
Packing up orders, looking after listings on marketplace and Friday photoshoots.

What was your path to getting there?
I’ve always loved to be involved in many areas, so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. After school, I went to study art at Whitecliffe where I was able to get more into photography and graduate with a design degree. Straight from uni, I went into an incredible role, where a small team of us set up cafes, this covered everything from branding to hiring staff and was able to see empty buildings transform into busy cafes in only a few months. It was a full-on job, and I am so grateful for everything I learned. From there I went to Juliette Hogan – loved the brand, their holistic approach. everything from the way we talked to customers to the beautiful clothing was considered and thoughtful. And now here I am, I feel like I’m able to bring all my experiences together at DW.

Describe a day in the life of your role
For Friday shoots, it’s all go, we usually have a lot to get through. Alexia, Donielle and I work together with the model to get the right look for DW. This is where we get to create beautiful content for social and EDMs + highlight our new arrivals for the website.

What type of vibe do you like to work in and how do you bring this into work?
I think I’m a fairly positive person so that’s what I try to bring to work. It’s so important to have a good atmosphere during a shoot, making sure the model is feeling her best really translates in the images – thankfully it’s a very easy with the amazing DW team there.

What keeps you inspired and motivated at DW?
I think again it’s the team, we have an amazing group of people involved that make it a great place to work. Also DW is in its own lane, it’s exciting to be a part of an industry like rental that is growing and changing so rapidly.

What are the routines/rituals that you do in your workspace every day? Getting in that little bit earlier, (having a good breakfast and coffee) making sure everything is running smoothly and we’re ready to run when the model arrives.

What does your work environment have to have/do/be?
Have: Variation
Do: Support 
Be: Positive

What’s something you would change about it?
Well, more space which will be happening soon! We have sooo many beautiful dresses that it’s getting cosy here so the extra space will be nice.

What’s something you will never change about it?
The people – the community that’s around DW is so lovely

How are you spending your extra time in the lockdown?
Keeping my mind busy, or distracted. Lots of fresh air with walks/jogs. And keeping creative, working on things for @clover__collective

Have you set any big goals for yourself? 
For the lockdown? Mmm I think just keeping sane, I’m trying to run further so adding a few more kilometres on each week. 

How are you staying positive?
I think knowing that its okay to feel weird is a nice way to process this situation. so just making sure I’m taking care of my mind/body. Getting some sunshine, eating lots of veges and reading a good book.

How are you staying inspired and active?
I think I know if I don’t get out of the house or do something good for me – I won’t feel great at the end of the day so just taking that step to add me time into the day.

Do you have a routine?
Yes, I am always a routine person regardless of the lockdown. When things become messy I crave structure. So I still get up early and keep my self busy.

What is a tip for our members or something you would like to share?
Just know its okay to feel anxious and not 100%, it’s such a strange time.

Find distractions: I’m reading ‘Acid for the Children’ by Flea from the RHCP at the moment. I also think we never have this opportunity to just breathe and do nothing, maybe that’s what everyone needs. Reduce how much news you watch, focus on the positive little things each day.

Stay Safe xx

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